C Language Basic

What is C Language ? 

C Programming Language is a Computer Programming Language C Was Developed in the Early 1970s by Ken Thomson and Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs.
 * Compiler-:- The Compiler Can be defined as , a Compile is a System Program Which Translate a Program Written in a High Level Language into its Equivalent Program in a Low Level Language Such as Assembly Language Machine Language.

EX:- Pascal Language,Turbo C++ e.t.c.

Source Program → Compiler → Machine

* Interpreter-:- An Interpreter is Different From are Compiler in the Sense that He does not translate but inter Press The Source Language and Execution in The Environment.

Source Program → Interpreter → Result In Other Information Needed By The Programmer For Program Development.

Assembly Language → Assembler → Machine Language Program

*Linker-:- When The Source Program is Assembled or Compiled The Resulted Machine Code is Produced on a Difficult Media Suggest Hard disk, Floppy disk, If The  Translated Program is using Various Functions Than Before The Program Can be Executed All The Related function Must be Located and accuracy Link Together The System Program Which is Capable of Compiling Such Program Modules or Library Function into a single Machine Language Program and it is Known as Machine.

*Leader-:- When a Program is Required For Execution Than it Must be Move From Magnetic (Secondary Storage) Storage to The Main Memory of The Computer The System Program Responsible What This Activity Known as Rem able.

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